Hailey K. Burt

dancer, choreographer, marketer, writer, artist


Choreography: Hailey Burt in collaboration with dancers
Performers: Kelsey Stolhand, Tyra Kopf, Ciera Shaver, Amber Jackson, Gabrielle Gainor, Abby Bradetich, Elizabeth Sugawara, Breanne Schuster
Music: Kangding Ray
Lighting: Evan Price
Videography: Warren Woo
Originally presented at inlay dance's Foundation, September 2017.


Choreography: Hailey Burt
Performers: Siena Dumas Ang, Margaret Behm, Maia Durfee, Alyssa Fung, Lynn Tofil
Music: Mike Sheridan
Video: Jazzy Photo
Commissioned by Evoke Productions
Presented at Full Tilt 2017


Choreography: Hailey Burt in collaboration with dancers
Performers: Lilli Clausen, Gabrielle Nomura Gainor, Amber Jackson, Hannah Rae, and Dominique See
Music: Silence by Anesthesia
Video: Tom Deering
Originally presented as part of Relay Dance Collective's Showcase, September 25, 2016.


Performer and Choreographer: Hailey Burt
Music: Mike Sheridan
Filmography: Sumi Wu
Multnomah Athletic Club Dance Recital 2015, Alumni Performance


UW Dance Majors Concert 2015
Choreography: Hailey Burt
Music: Loscil
Lighting: Peter Bracilano
Performers: Dominique See, Siena Dumas Ang, Karlie Grasle, Rosy Gentle, Carly Fritz

Rosas: Remixed

Original Choreography by Anna Teresa de Keersmaker, restaged by performers
Performers: Hailey Burt, Tessarae Mercer, Rosy Gentle, Dominique See, Imana Gunawan
UW Dance Student Association's Influx November 2014


Originally performed at UW Dance Majors Concert, March 2014
Music: Legions (War) by Zoe Keating
Choreography: Hailey Burt
Performers: Imana Gunawan, Jordan Rohrs, Elise Butterfield, Jessica Peffer, Sara Shokouhi, Carlie Anderson, Molly McWherter, Karlie Grasle, Laura Martinez, Annie Morro
Lighting: Paul Arnold

Background photo by Tim Summers. cans by Rachael Lincoln.

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