Hailey K. Burt

dancer, choreographer, marketer, writer, artist


Hailey graduated from the University of Washington in June 2015 with a BA, double majoring in dance and art history. As a dancer, choreographer, and rehearsal assistant, she has had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Salk, Rachael Lincoln, Wilson Mendieta, Bruce McCormick, Alice Gosti, and Anna Krupp, among others. At UW, she also worked as a stage manager and in various other technical roles for over ten productions. Originally from Portland, OR, Hailey is now based in Seattle. She recently co-produced and co-artistic directed Foundation, a performance of inlay dance, in September 2017 at Velocity Dance Center. She has performed and choreographed with Relay Dance Collective since 2015, and was also an assistant producer for Full Tilt 2018. When she isn't dancing or choreographing, you can find her at Seattle Opera, where she is the Digital Marketing Specialist. At Seattle Opera, she creates marketing emails, films and edits promotional videos, organizes and executes social media plans, and works across departments to share the company's work.

Background photo by Tim Summers. cans by Rachael Lincoln.

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